International Webinar

International Webinar on
“Global Perspective of Unani Medicine”
Organized by
World Unani Foundation, India
Global Unani Medicine and Research Foundation, Chicago, USA
19th July, 2020


About Webinar

The focus of this webinar is basically to highlight the role of Unani System of Medicine in global health care and more emphasis to give strength to Unani System of Medicine globally. Unani System and Herbals have just recently started rising on the horizon of alternative system of medicine. Unani System of Medicine has been practiced and used in India for many years but has only recently getting legal acceptance in many countries of the world as alternate system of medicine. Due to the Covid-19 situation worldwide, there is a worldwide demand for AYUSH products and a good opportunity for the Unani industry to strengthen its base globally.


An effort is being made in the webinar on the potential of Unani System of Medicine globally. A perspective is to be presented by various speakers on this topic.




1. Dr Mohd. Tahir – He is the Adviser (Unani) in Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India. He was a senior CMO at CGHS at Lucknow before taking up his new responsibility. He did his MD (Moalijat) from Aligarh Muslim University. He was also Medical Officer, community health and has about 32 years professional experience in clinical and academic, incharges and technical advisory related to Unani.  He represented India and participated as official and subject expert in 2nd International Traditional & Complementary Medicine Congress at Turkey, Istanbul in the year 2019. He is also a member of various Technical Committees & Working Groups set up by the Central Government for policy and strategic decisions for extension and expansion of AYUSH.  


2. Dr DC Katoch – He is Adviser (Ayurveda) and  Head of Drugs Control & Pharmacopoiea Commission in Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India  and has about 36 years’ illustrious professional experience in clinical, academic, policy, planning and technical advisory fronts related to Ayurveda in particular and traditional medicine in general. He has represented India in many international delegations and is member of many technical committees and task forces set up by the Central and State Governments for policy and strategic decisions.


3. Prof. Asim Ali Khan – He is the Director General of Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine (CCRUM), Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India. He is also a member of Board of Governors of CCIM and is responsible for the quality education, training and research in AYUSH systems of Medicine. He is basically a scholar of Unani Medicine and carries with him about three decades of varied experience of academics, research and administration. Prof. Khan is a dynamic personality and has a good vision for the development of Unani Medicine.He has been making concerted efforts for its promotion on national and international platforms for about thirty years now. He is very keen to expedite research & development activities in this system of medicine and take it to heights.


Previously, he has been associated with Jamia Hamdard (a Deemed University) at New Delhi as a professor of Unani Medicine having various academic and administrative responsibilities. As International Students’ Advisor, he has been instrumental in developing many academic and research collaborations at international level and spreading the knowledge of Unani Medicine to many countries. He has made significant contributions to scientific writing and has published more than 85 research papers, books, chapter in book and articles. He has been delivering lectures and presenting papers at various national and international platforms and paying visits to many countries across the globe for academic purposes. As Director General, Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine, he is guiding quality research and academics in unani medicine through 23 of its peripheral Institutions spread across the country. He has done/ played key role in several  MoUs with many leading national and international Scientific organizations and Universities.


4. Dr Ram Krishna Shah – He is a United Nations representative. He is also President of Global Unani Medicine & Research Foundation, Chicago, USA. He is also a council member of State of Illinois. He is also the President of Human Rights Council of America.


5. Hakim M Salim Khan – He is the Director of Mohsin Health Clinic and Products, UK. He is also the Principal of College of Medicine and Healing Arts, UK. He has been helping patients and training students in Tibb (Unani Medicine) for over 40 years, in both the UK and the USA.


6. Dr MHM Nazeem – He is a BUMS graduate of the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka with a postgraduate degree leading to MPhil. He is also qualified in Modern Pharmacy. In addition to this has also qualified in modern medicine leading to Estate Medical Assistant. Further he has got training in Integrative medicine in Malaysia. Currently he is working as a Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Indigenous Medicine, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.


7. Dr Qazeem Akinola Olawale – He is an renowned Medical Expert cum Biochemist of Nigerian descent. He is popularly referred to as Dr. Olaking. The innovative and creative Acupuncturist is the brain behind the cutting-edge Olaking international Holistic Medicine (OIHM) Company located in Lagos State, Nigeria. With a career spanning almost a decade, Dr. Qazeem has garnered so much educational qualifications and experience to sink his roots in the field of Naturopathy. As an herbal medicine enthusiast, Dr. Qazeem has always dreamt of promoting the gospel of Herbal Medicine globally. He brought his dreams to reality when he became a Member of The British Council of Complimentary Therapies (TBCCT). Dr Olaking bagged his Doctor of Medicine Degree in Acupuncture from the Open International University for Complimentary Medicine - Medicina Alternativa, Colombo, Sri-Lanka. He also became a Neuro-Acupuncturist (Scalp Acupuncture) courtesy of his learning at the International Medical Acupuncture Clinic, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


8. Dr Claudia Preckel – She obtained her Oriental Studies from the Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany in 1997 with a study on the Begums of Bhopal. Afterwards, she specialised on the social networks of Ahl-e hadith movement, writing her dissertation on Sayyid Siddiq Hasan Khan, the Nawwâb of Bhopal. From 2008 until 2016, she worked as Research Assistant (Post-Doc) at the Department of Oriental and Islamic Studies, Ruhr-University Bochum. Her focus were developments in Tibb-e yûnânî duringthe 19th and 20th centuries, esp. the Hammâm, kushtasâzî or women in UnaniMedicine.  Presently, she is working as an Intercultural Trainer, scholar and blogger on Mughal History and Unani Medine. She has written many books / articles such as Muslim Bodies: Body, Sexuality and Medicine in Muslim Societies,  "Boy or Girl? Conception, planned children and fetal sex change in the Indian Kokashastra (19th-‐20th centuries), "'An Abundance of Yellow Bile'"–Monsoon and Disease in Urdu Literature", "Cinnabar, Calomel and the Art of kushtasāzī: Mercurial Preparations in Unani Medicine" and "Healing the People and the Princes: Hospitals, Ḥakīms and Doctors in Bhopal".


9. Dr Mohammad Akram – He is presently working as Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Tahaffuzi wa Samaji Tibb (Preventive and Social Medicine), School of Unani Medical Education and Research, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi. In addition to his academic, research activities he also looks after the Foreign Student’s Cell of Jamia Hamdard as Deputy Advisor and Incharge of the Horticulture Department of Jamia Hamdard. He has 18years of experience in Teaching, Research and Public Health along with University level cultural, literary and administrative responsibilities at Jamia Hamdard. He completed his M.D. in Hifzane Sehat (2000) from Ajmal Khan Tibbiya College, Faculty of Unani Medicine, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. Dr. Akram has published more than 35 publications in peer, reviewed International and National Journals and various chapters in the books and supervised 10 M.D. studies. He has worked with World Health Organization and UNICEF for Social Mobilization of Underserved Population for Polio Eradication and Promoting Health Seeking Behaviour among Underserved Communities and Polio Eradication in U.P.


10. Dr Mohammad Khalid - He is the Assistant Drugs Controller (Unani) and also Licensing Authority (Unani) in the Directorate of AYUSH, Govt. of NCT of Delhi. He did his MD from Dr NTR University of Life Sciences, Andhra Pradesh. He is a lecturer in Dept. of Ilmul Advia was Saidla in A&U Tibbia College, Delhi. He is Nodal officer and member of various Administrative and technical committees of State and Govt of India. He has presented papers and has trained in various National and International Seminars, workshops, conferences and webinars etc.



Hakeem Mohsin Dehlvi – He is Managing Director of Dehlvi Remedies Pvt Ltd., CEO of Dehlvi Naturals and Business Partner of Dehlvi Ambar Herbals Pvt. Ltd., Kanpur. He is the President of “World Unani Foundation” . He has organized / co-organized many CME’s, workshop and National and International Conferences. He is also the Managing Trustee of ‘Dehlvi National Foundation’ that does charity work. He is Member of Ayurvedic, Siddha and Unani Drugs Technical Advisory Board (ASUDTAB), Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India and Member of Scientific Body, Pharmacopoeia Commission for Indian Medicine & Homoeopathy, Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India. He is the General Secretary, Unani Drugs Manufacturers Association (UDMA)